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Interior design Berlin – individual room and color concepts by painter Rewolinski

Colors trigger very different emotions in human beings. This phenomenon has been developed in the course of evolution and is not magic. To this day, red is a warning color, green the signal that everything is OK and blue the color that embodies technology and progress. For me as a master painter, colors are particularly exciting when they are used specifically in room design to consciously achieve a certain spatial impact.

Professional color concepts for professional room design

If we take care of your interior design, we can achieve very different effects. With the right color concept, smaller rooms can appear larger. If, for example, earth tones are used, living or office spaces can appear warmer and more inviting. If we work with contrasts, walls, niches, or protrusions can be accentuated.
Interior design also plays an important role in any stores. Because of our experience, we can give you comprehensive advice on your stores wall design.

If you would like to design your office or business premises individually, specific color concepts are also available. For example, an atmosphere to increase focus of your employees can be created in the office with shades of blue.
Please let us know your goals and wishes. Based on that, we can give you our professional color advice and you will receive an offer tailored to your space and requirements!

Services provided by master painter Rewolinski for room and color design

  • Professional consulting concepts
  • Planning and execution of color, light, and design concepts
  • seamless walls and floors
  • wide range of paints and plasters for the treatment of surfaces
  • Painting and painting work
  • Combination of colors and wallpaper
  • Room design for modernization or new constructions

Our services are suitable for business customers as well as private customers.

Make more of your space – with professional interior design by master painter Rewolinski!
Simply contact us via email or phone and request your individual offer or a consultation appointment!