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Master painter Rewolinski

Master painter Berlin – what you should know about master painter Rewolinski

Have you ever been pleased with a newly renovated wall or facade? Have you ever enjoyed the before and after feeling? Then you can imagine how much my team and I enjoy going to work every single day.
From an early age, I was enthusiastic about the use of paints and varnishes. While many young people are drawn to universities today, I wanted to not only strengthen my spirit in my professional career, but also experience a lot of the attraction I have felt for craftsmanship. So, the path from journeyman to master painter and varnisher pretty much predetermined for me.
Today, with my painting business, I ensure happy customers all over Berlin and can rely on the skills and experience of my team.

Protect, preserve, shape, renew

My craft helps to protect buildings, to preserve the historical, to design new and to renew the existing. Against this background, I am happy to continue the tradition of painting and regularly train new journeyman as painters and varnishers in Berlin.

What can we do for you?

How can I help you as a master painter with my motivated and well-trained team? Do you need help with painting work in your home? Do you need inspiration and professionals for interior design? Or should we make you an offer for the design and renovation of your facade?

When you hire us, you can be sure: you are relying on excellent quality craftsmanship, a passionate painting company and genuine and honest service.

Contact Painter Rewolinski via e-mail info@malermeister-rewolinski.de or phone 030/91603555 and request an individual offer for your property!